Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oprah has some words for Rihanna about Chris

here is my comment on this:

I think O was doin too much with that comment.why not talk with her personally about that or call her or something.the country as a whole considers Chris a Hip-Hop artist and not a R&B singer.Oprah ignores the Hip-Hop genre until there is something she can criticize it about or link it to thats negative.the way she spoke on it was tacky ,stupid and wrong.she has child molesters,rapist,wife beaters and etc on her show but she speaks to them with respect and dignity but when there is a black,hip-hop artist that does something like that or disses women in his songs,she goes all ape shit.people like her help and hurt our race.

Now ya'll see how Oprah so quick to talk shit on this subject,where was she when Sean Bell got gunned down?where was she when the 15yr old black girl was attacked by the cops while in their custody?where was she when Jay-Z started his program to provide clean water to neglected african countries?bet her ass was there when Brad and Angelina went to Africa and i bet she was praising Salma Hayek for brest feeding that baby in africa.Nas granted a wish for a sickly child and flew him to NY,Oprah aint cover that.but she got tons to say when Chris hits Rihanna.Oprah,you doin all that screaming and shit but you need to mind your business and tend to what's facing this nation(job losses,homes being lost,etc).you are not a black leader ma'am....leaders dont turn their backs on certain groups of a race,they guide,inspire and understand..